For hundreds of years our people have been arriving from our sunny homelands of Greece and Cyprus to the shores of America in search of better life for our families and our children. Through persistence, patience and hard work the Greek people in America have grown into talended artists, skilled craftsman, educated doctors, lawyers and many more successful entrepreneurs, thus making the Greek-American community strong and vibrant.

We believe in the values of our ancestors, we believe we stand on the shoulders of giants and we believe that the name ‘Greek’ stands for quality. We believe that you share these values with us and we want you to be part of the first ever Golden Directory for Greek-American business; a subscription based visual directory of the Greek-American community for EVERYONE in North America.

In the First visual Golden Directory you will be able to add the name of your successful business, your logo, contact information and much more thus making a statement: Yes, I am Greek, I am proud and I am good at what I do.

  • Who we are: GR Alive The First Visual Directory for Everything Greek in One place.
  • Customers: Businesses and individuals in North America who need quality services from Greek-American Businesses.
  • Format: Beautiful full-color Magazine and Online.
  • Distribution: Available worldwide via a beautiful website at

We at GR Alive are excited to serve you and the whole Greek-American Community and we strongly believe that Greek Golden Directory is worthy of your support.

Yours Truly,
Antonis Armeftis